WordPress SEO audits for websites

Is your WordPress website not performing as well as you would like in search engines? A WordPress SEO audit or a WordPress website audit could help you.

As an established WordPress web design agency, Peacock Carter use their decade+ of search engine and website design knowledge to analyse your website itself.

Fantastic work: completed quickly to meet our deadline and to a high quality.

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What our WordPress SEO audits cover

WordPress SEO and website technical audits

Our WordPress SEO audits typically cover the following areas, and can be tailored to your precise requirements:

  • Server performance: including website speed, time to first byte, blacklist checking and compression analysis
  • Markup audit: a look at how well built your WordPress theme is, and identification . From the basics such as appropriate <h1> headings microformats to the, and assess how responsive the WordPress theme is
  • Onsite optimisation: review of your internal linking structure, page titles, page headings, content checking, broken link reports, and duplicate content checking
  • Offsite optimisation: audit reports for WordPress websites can include link profiling, spam analysis and more

All of our findings from the audit are presented in a comprehensive report, with an actionable, prioritised list of changes you – or Peacock Carter – can make for you.

How our WordPress audits work

WordPress SEO audits can be a great way to identify technical and content issues with your website before hiring a digital marketing agency. A typical workflow for WordPress audit projects is:

  1. Peacock Carter talk to the client to assess their concerns with their WordPress website’s performance, and identify any known issues
  2. One of our experienced WordPress consultants analyse the client’s website in depth
  3. We produce a report of our findings, including a prioritised list of actionable tasks to improve the website’s structure or performance in search engines
  4. Our web consultant organises a phone call or conference to discuss our findings and discuss ongoing resolution of the issues with the client

If you would like us to undertake a WordPress audit of your website, please get in touch to discuss pricing and timescales.