WordPress training courses in the UK

If you’re looking to improve your WordPress website’s rankings in search engines such as Bing and Google and are frustated with your progress, our Introduction to Search Engine Optimisation for WordPress courses are for you!

Learn how to improve the content on your WordPress website with clear, sensible guidance from WordPress and SEO experts, with a mind full of information to take and implement after the course.

“We knew the basics of WordPress already but Richard did a great job in showing us  those additional features along with some very useful hints and tips on how to turn those SEO traffic lights from amber to green.” Nicola McIntosh, Digital Support Officer, North East Local Enterprise Partnership

We find our introductory WordPress SEO courses are a great complement to our WordPress website audits, allowing you the client to improve your content and help achieve higher rankings for your website.

What the Introduction to WordPress SEO course covers

As with our typical WordPress training courses, these SEO training sessions are available as a half-day or full-day courses, and is typically structured as follows:

  • Basics WordPress SEO training course
    • HTML basics: understand how the content you create is interpreted by search engines
    • The “kitchen sink”: familiarity with some of the key advanced CMS tools WordPress
    • Article audit: we take a page or post from your existing WordPress website and dissect how it’s built and how it could be improved for search engines – and users – together in a workshop-style session
    • Meta descriptions: understand what a meta description is, and how to write a great one!
  • Comprehensive WordPress SEO training course
    • Everything in the half day course is covered, as well as:
    • Improving website content using the Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress
    • Internal linking – best practice guide on how you can use links on your own website to improve your search engine rankings
    • Advanced Yoast SEO: canonical links, OpenGraph settings (for Facebook, etc), and more
    • Website SEO audit: put what you’ve learned to use on your own website with the help of the training facilitator

We tailor each course to our clients’ requirements, so please ask if you have a specific topic you would like to cover, and we’d be happy to accommodate you.

Who the course is for

The WordPress SEO introduction course is designed for website managers, small business owners, marketing managers and others who are tasked with managing a WordPress website where search engine rankings are important.

Please contact Peacock Carter at hello@peacockcarter.com or telephone 0191 375 5713 to discuss your WordPress and SEO training requirements with us.