Peacock Carter are specialist web consultants in the UK. From our headquarters in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, we work with clients throughout the world to run website SEO audits to help them build smarter, more profitable websites.

An audit is an essential tool in your website’s ongoing success. We find SEO audits are best undertaken:

  • after migrating a website to a new platform such as Drupal or WordPress
  • after substantial additions or deletions of content on your website
  • if you’re experiencing a sudden or gradual drop in your rankings or loss of traffic to your website

Many of our ecommerce clients benefit from quarterly website audits for Magento and other ecommerce platforms to help keep their website healthy, and proactively prevent issues occuring.

How an SEO audit can help your website

Even the best-performing websites can benefit from an audit to identify actions for correction. Our SEO audits can cover:

  • Onsite: comprehensive review of your website’s content
  • Server responses: a review of server speeds and checking for correct server response codes, as well as other metrics such as Time To First Byte (TTFB)
  • Mark-up/theme/frontend: checking for validity of the HTML and CSS used on your website’s design, and whether any optimisations or improvements could be made
  • Link profiling: an in-depth look at the websites linking to yours, and spam analysis of these to see if they pose a threat to your rankings

Platform-based SEO audits

Peacock Carter use our extensive web knowledge in content management and ecommerce software, too. We have SEO audits tailored to a number of common open source content management and ecommerce platforms, and offer:

If you would like to work with Peacock Carter on your next SEO audit project, please contact us on 0191 375 5713 or via