“Peacock Carter are proactive, responsive, and always cheerful.”

Beth, Marketing Manager, TCCA

We have over a decade of experience migrating websites to WordPress, and take pride in ensuring a smooth process for our clients.

Whether you have a simple Drupal website with a few dozen pages, or a larger Drupal site with hundreds of features, ecommerce functionality and a large membership database, Peacock Carter can help you migrate to WordPress.

The Drupal to WordPress migration process

Every website migration from Drupal to WordPress we do is different, but they do follow a common pattern:

  • Examine the current Drupal website. From this, we can identify custom content types we need to recreate in WordPress, and map how we will move content from Drupal to WordPress.
  • We then migrate files and content to a WordPress website installation.
  • We build your WordPress website, replicating functionality you require, and creating custom post types to allow you to easily manage your website’s content within WordPress.
  • Nearer the launch of the new WordPress website, we run a final migration to ensure we have all of the content – text, files and images – from the Drupal website moved in to the WordPress website.
  • Also near launch time, we run a WordPress training course for your website team to get them up to speed on managing the content in its new home.
  • Launch time! Your new website launches, and we can help you with ongoing support for WordPress

If you’d like to talk to the web consultants at Peacock Carter about your Drupal to WordPress website migration project, please contact us via hello@peacockcarter.com, or on 0191 375 5713.