Responsive MediaWiki website design for PetroWiki
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PetroWiki, the wiki platform for the Society of Petroleum Engineers, was on an aging version of MediaWiki with an outdated design.

As part of a push to encourage contribution from the Society’s younger members, MediaWiki experts Peacock Carter were engaged to totally redesign and develop a responsive MediaWiki theme to accommodate growing numbers of users on mobile devices such as iPhone and Android smartphones, as well as its more traditional userbase on laptop and desktop computers.


The new MediaWiki theme design incorporates SPE’s single sign on (SSO) system to allow seamless user experience between Petrowiki and SPE’s other websites, whilst making MediaWiki’s typical content creation tools accessible.

The wiki’s content itself is presented in a clear, clean manner to accommodate users for whom English may be their second (or third!) language, whilst the embedded Google Translator tool offers quick translations to other languages for their members who speak no English at all.

The new responsive theme design for PetroWiki’s MediaWiki website has received much positive feedback in the time since it has launched.