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The Operational Delivery Networks website is designed to provide content for patients and health practitioners in three key areas:

  • adult critical care
  • burns
  • major trauma

We picked WordPress as a starting point, allowing us to meet short timescales and maximise the control the ODN’s staff have over content in the longer term.

Mobile-friendly content for doctors on the go!

A key requirement was for content to be easily accessible for all. Our mobile-first approach allowed us to develop a responsive WordPress theme based around the core NHS identity and the identities developed for each of the ODNs mentioned above. We focused heavily on ensuring the loading time of pages was as small as possible. Whilst the content is non-critical, ease of access is key.

Once the website is live, Peacock Carter will be delivering a WordPress training course to key NHS staff to help them to maintain the website’s content on a day to day basis.

Development of WordPress secure area

We developed a secure area for health practitioners too, to help them access more detailed guidelines. Custom permission roles were created to allow ODN staff control over relevant areas of the website, and ensure the integrity of other health guidelines content.