Magento ecommerce training in Glasgow
Our role
Magento training provider
Client location
Glasgow, Scotland

Magento is a great ecommerce platform, but it can be baffling for new users, and users who aren’t familiar with content management systems and the world of ecommerce.

A publishing company based in Glasgow with an existing Magento website required training for staff members to become familiar with the Magento platform after a website migration, and Peacock Carter were brought in to help.

Magento content tailored to your business

Our Magento training sessions are designed to provide a well-paced, structured course of content to get your key staff members up to speed with the areas of the platform they need to know. Our Glasgow client mixed-and-matched our content modules and we covered a range of content including:

  • Basic Magento product management – adding and editing simple products
  • Magento’s CMS – using pages and static blocks to manage content in your website
  • Processing customer orders in Magento – approving, refunding and cancelling orders
  • Using Magento’s built-in shopping cart discounts and catalogue price rules to discount products in your store
  • Search engine optimisation basics – the fundamentals of optimising your Magento product listings for search engines such as Google and Bing

The client’s feedback was very positive, and staff members felt they were more able and confident in managing the product catalogue and processing customer orders than before the course.

If you would like to discuss a Magento session in Glasgow or elsewhere in the UK, please contact Peacock Carter on 0191 375 5713 or email