MediaWiki is powerful collaborative software, known as a ‘wiki’, which allows your website’s users to edit content across your website.

Peacock Carter have great experience in creating custom MediaWiki themes for clients large and small. Whether from your existing designs or with our website design expertise, we can help to develop the perfect MediaWiki skin for your project.

‘MediaWiki Skins Design’ book

MediaWiki Skins Design book Richard Carter, a founder of Peacock Carter, is the author of MediaWiki Skins Design, which was written as the authoritative guide to MediaWiki theme design.

The book covers every aspect of customising a MediaWiki skin, from altering colour schemes to totally changing the look and feel of your wiki.

There is more information on the ‘MediaWiki Skins Design’ book‘ on the publisher’s website.

Alongside MediaWiki theme design, we offer custom MediaWiki development to create the wiki you are truly looking for. Please contact us on 0191 375 5713 for more information.