Magento is a fantastic ecommerce platform, but it has a step learning curve, and it’s all too easy for inexperienced Magento web developers with little experience to build sites in the wrong way.

Responsive Magento themes book by Richard Carter

Our Magento SEO audits are designed to help you identify potential issues with the way your Magento store was built, and how it interacts with search engines.

As a UK-based Magento consultancy with clients around the world, Peacock Carter are perfectly suited to providing expert reviews of Magento websites to identify security, build and maintenance, and search engine issues with your store.

Our senior Magento consultant is author of four books on the Magento platform, and is supported by Magento experts to help identify and suggest corrective action for issues.

How Magento SEO audits can help you

A Magento website audit offers fantastic insight if:

  • You’ve had a new Magento website designed and built by an agency and want to know how well the website was built
  • You’ve launched a Magento website and your search engine rankings have fallen significantly
  • Your Magento developer has built a website, but you’re not certain it was built to the correct standards
  • You want to upgrade your Magento website and you’re not sure how easy this is going to be
  • You’ve migrated to Magento and you’re not sure it has been completed properly

Types of Magento SEO & website audit

We offer a few types of website audit to help store owners interpret how their store was built and how it could be affecting search engine rankings:

  • Magento SEO website audit: this analyses how well built and structured your website is, and any potential problems which may be damaging your search engine rankings
  • Magento technical audit: this report identifies how well built and configured your Magento store
  • Magento theme audit: a review of your store’s Magento theme, and how it could be improved to aid search engines indexing your website
  • Magento link profile: an in-depth audit of your website’s backlinks to identify potentially harmful links to your store’s ranking

All of the above reports are available for both Magento Community and Magento Enterprise Editions.

If you would like to commission a Magento website audit, please contact Peacock Carter on +44(0)191 375 5713, or email us at We are also available for ongoing Magento support.