Magento ecommerce training in Glasgow

If you want to make the most of your Magento website, Magento training courses from our experienced Magento consultants are just the ticket.

Peacock Carter are an experienced Magento web design agency based in Newcastle upon Tyne in the North East of England, with clients throughout the UK, Europe and America. We are a specialist ecommerce web design agency, and use our knowledge to help you understand not just your Magento store, but how to improve your product listings for customer conversion and search engines, too.

Typical Magento training courses

Whilst each Magento training session we provide is tailored to the client’s needs, a typical training course for new Magento users may cover:

  • Magento basics: adding and editing pages in your store
  • Product management: getting to grips with products and categories in Magento
  • Order management: learn how to deal with orders through your Magento store as they come in, from payment to dispatch
  • Customer management in Magento: manage your store’s customers, assign them to specific groups, and deal with refunds
  • Introduction to Magento SEO: how to best optimise your product and category pages in Magento to attract more relevant customer propositions. Our Magento developers can help make any changes to your website should you require help

If you’re already familiar with Magento but would like to learn more, we are able to provide an advanced Magento training course, using our extensive knowledge as an ecommerce agency to help you build your business online.

Training courses are approved by our founder and experienced Magento consultant Richard Carter, author of 4 books on Magento and counting (Magento 1.3 Themes Design, Magento 1.4 Themes Design, and Magento Responsive Themes Design), and a comprehensive electronic reference guide is provided for future reference.

Magento training for web designers and developers

If you’re a web designer or web developer who wants to expand your repertoire, you may find our Magento training courses for web developers of interest. Our workshop-style training courses give you practical, first-hand experience of building websites with Magento the professional way, from experienced web designers and developers with years of Magento experience.

If you would like more information on pricing and availability for any of our Magento training sessions, please contact us on 0191 375 5713.