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To some, engaging a web design agency can be a baffling journey of acronyms and funkily-dressed web designers.

Our guide on how a web design agency can help you outlines the most common areas of service that you might need from a web design agency. Simply, using the services described below, a web design agency can:

  • Improve your website and generate more sales for your business from existing customers
  • Help your company reach new customers

Website design

Website (or web) design helps define what your new website will look like, and organise your content in a way that should be appealing and easy to use and find. You may also find some companies offer a copywriting service to help write your content for you in a way customers will understand.

“Web design helps define what your new website will look like.”

Web design can also cover frontend web development which essentially builds your website’s design in to a website that web developers can use.

Web development

Web development builds the website in to something you and your customers can see and use, and can be used to add features to your website, such as “ecommerce” to help sell your products online, and “content management” to enable you to edit your website’s content yourself, as easily as possible.

Website hosting

Website hosting provides a space to store your website so customers can access it at all times. Some web development companies will also be able to help you set email addresses up as part of this service.

You will also need a domain name (such as to use as an address for your website, which will renewing annually or bi-annually. You can purchase these yourself, or you can usually ask your web design company to register it on your behalf. We recommend that you purchase the domain yourself as this gives you more control over it should you want to cancel your relationship with your web design agency.

Marketing and optimisation

A nice looking website is all very well, but without people visiting it, it won’t be generating you any enquiries and sales! Optimising your website is an ongoing process and it can take months or years to see solid results, if done properly. (See our guide to avoiding dodgy SEO companies).

“A nice looking website is all very well, but … it won’t be generating you any enquiries”

Some web design agencies will also offer online (or digital) marketing services to help promote your business to new customers online.

Website support and maintenance

For a website to work for your business, it will need to evolve and improve, and you will probably need at least a little website support and maintenance in the website’s lifetime, whether it’s help with updating content on your website or updating the design. If you’re likely to need a lot of website maintenance, many web design agencies will offer “monthly retainers” so that for a monthly fee you receive a set number of hours per month to use in improving your website.