Web Design Consultants in the UK

Nice to meet you: we’re Peacock Carter, and we’re web consultants based in the UK.

Peacock Carter are experienced web and digital consultants based from our headquarters in Newcastle upon Tyne in the UK. Our web consultancy clients range from international universities to small businesses and multinational companies to other web design agencies. Previous clients include the University of Edinburgh, University College Dublin, the Scottish Government and City & Guilds.

Your next web consultancy

Our web consultancy clients all have one thing in common: they seek us out due to our specific expertise in a number of fields. A web consultant can help you in a variety of ways:

  • Acting as a sounding board for your ideas for your website or application idea;
  • Providing a feasibility study for your project to assess whether it is possible within the confines of technology currently available;
  • Acting as an intermediary if you and your web design company are having problems communicating;
  • Auditing your existing website to ensure its security, accessibility, or search-engine worthiness
  • Training your team to help them understand and master your website or digital strategy

Experienced web consultants in the UK

Web consultants at conference in the UK

We’re experienced web consultants, having helped clients around the world with a wide range of web and digital projects including:

  • Consulting on the technical correctness of content for Saudi Arabia’s web design curriculum
  • Providing training courses suited to clients with a range of technical ability
  • Acting as technical reviewers on books on the topic of web design
  • Authoring 7 books and counting on website design and ecommerce platforms
  • Website design and build projects including mobile website design and ecommerce

Contact Peacock Carter on +44(0)191 375 5713, or email us at hello@peacockcarter.com.

Our web design consultancy services

  • WordPress consultancy

    Our WordPress consultants have helped clients including the NHS and central government develop website projects and deliver web projects.

  • Website audits

    Website audits allow our web consultants to dive in to your website and provide a report of any issues we find with it. This can be useful as part of an SEO campaign, or as a technical audit to identify weaknesses in the performance of your website.

  • Training & Inhouse Upskilling

    We deliver a range of web training courses aimed to help our clients further their knowledge requirements.

    Peacock Carter can also work with your inhouse teams to upskill them in certain areas including HTML, CSS and WordPress website development.