Magento 2 demo screenshot

There are many ecommerce platforms out there, but Magento is one you’ve probably come across many times. The question on merchant’s tongues is why Magento for ecommerce?

The Magento experts at Peacock Carter guide you through why Magento is a great platform for building an ecommerce website – and business.

Magento is a leading ecommerce platform used by hundreds of thousands of retailers around the world.

We’ll take a look at what Magento is, who uses Magento, and why Magento for ecommerce is a sound choice for your business.

Who uses Magento?

Some familiar businesses use Magento for ecommerce: global brands such as Nike, Christian Louboutin, Mothercare, Harvey Nichols and Jaguar use Magento as a base for their ecommerce arms.

Targeted towards more mature ecommerce business, or businesses with high growth potential, Magento provides a stable, reliable base for both consumer-focused ecommerce stores and business-to-business websites. As an established Magento agency, Peacock Carter have worked on countless Magento ecommerce projects, and have seen the true extent of Magento’s flexibility.

Magento is ecommerce at heart

One of Magento’s key strengths is that is was built from the ground up with ecommerce in mind. Some ecommerce systems, such as WordPress’ WooCommerce, are an add-on to an existing system which doesn’t have ecommerce at heart. While this is fine for small-scale ecommerce operations, you may find it limiting at a larger scale of sales.

Mulitingual, multicurrency, multisite: Magento has the ability to do all of these, allowing you to scale your website in to new markets as your business grows. There is also a licensed version of the platform, Magento Enterprise, which provides improved customer management tools, staged content management and advanced promotional tools. With Magento, the sky is the limit.

Magento provides a great deal of flexibility, too, with an ever-growing range of extensions to extend its core functionality…

There’s an app for that!

As a mature ecommerce platform – it was launched in 2007 – Magento has a rich ecosystem of third party extensions to help you find the functionality you need. From integration with specific payment gateways (although PayPal comes built-in) to integration with cloud accounting systems, stock and inventory systems, courier integrations for delivery, there is a great deal of your ecommerce business you can streamline with Magento. And, with a trusted Magento development partner (that’d be us!), you can develop even more bespoke functionality for your store.

So, why Magento for ecommerce? Your business requires a stable, tried-and-tested ecommerce platform, and Magento provides just that.