Asking for your web design project’s budget may seem invasive, but it makes a lot of sense to both parties.

Peacock Carter have been established as a web design agency in Newcastle for 9 years now, and have worked with a great range of clients of all sizes and sectors.

One thing we ask for early on in potential projects is your budget for the project. This isn’t just because we want you to spend all of your money with us: it’s because knowing your budget helps us to understand the scale of your project, and how we can best help you solve your challenge (for example, “I want more customers”, “I want more sales from existing customers”).

How knowing your website design project’s budget can help

Knowing your website project’s budget allows a web design agency to:

  • Have an idea of the likely scale of your project, and whether they’re best set up to help you at this time.
  • Consider other platforms such as WordPress, Magento, Shopify, Drupal and Silverlight to minimise your website building costs and ongoing maintenance costs.
  • Suggest feature changes or removal of certain features to help keep the project within your desired budget. These features can be added to the second phase of the project, and removing features can help you focus on the key content or functionality for your business at this time.
  • Assess whether additional services such as digital marketing and ongoing maintenance are likely. Launching a website without a digital marketing strategy to support its growth and promotion can be a fatal oversight!

Revealing your budget is a win-win for both sides: revealing your budget will benefit you in maximising the impact of your project to your business or organisation. In addition, many web design agencies prefer to have an open relationship with our clients, and being honest from the start of the project.

If you’d like to work with our web design consultants, please do get in touch.