The Magento experts at Peacock Carter take a look at who uses Magento for their ecommerce platform, and why.

Magento is the most popular ecommerce platform in the world, with both small retailers and large companies making use of its purpose-built ecommerce functionality. Usually, when businesses are considering moving to a new web platform or redesigning their website, the best thing to do is look at their competitors’ websites and other relevant businesses with great websites. So, with this blog post we’d like to look at the big blue-chip companies who make the most of their Magento website.

Magento’s Market Share


First of all, however, it’s interesting to look at Magento’s market share. It’s no secret the ecommerce world is getting bigger every year. This increase has produced a lot of start-up web-development companies who have designed their own ecommerce platforms to try and compete for the increased business. However, looking at Alex’s top 1 million websites with the highest number of hits, we see that 14,500 of these websites (18%) use Magento.  Magento is in second place, with only WooCommerce predictably ahead on 31%.

What gets interesting, however, is when you compare the Alexa top 1 million data with the all of the websites on the internet. When you do this, Magento slips to 8%. This difference tells us that Magento websites, although only 8% of the entire web, are 18% of the most visited sites on the web.


The total number of Magento websites is around 168,000. But this number doesn’t mean as much as looking a little closer at well-known companies who use Magento for their Ecommerce stores.


Big Companies with Magento Websites

There are a lot of blue-chip companies who use Magento for their websites. We have listed five of the biggest below.

Nespresso – The biggest coffee capsule company in the world, and part of Nestle.



Samsung – The South Korean electronics brand and top Android phone manufacturer.

Nike – One of the top sportswear brands in the World.

Ford – The American multinational car manufacturer.

The North Face – The multinational camping and outdoors experts based in California.

There are many more to look at, but these five illustrate how diverse and effective Magento is. Click on the links above to look at each website. Try out the various features and try to navigate through the various category pages. These brands are perhaps the best example of what can be achieved with Magento.

If you don’t currently use Magento, you may be wondering what advantages it has over other platforms…

Well, for starters, it is was built from the ground up to function as an ecommerce platform. This means that its structure, appearance, back end, and front end, are all designed to handle large and small ecommerce operations. Unlike WooCommerce, where so many of these different features come from a range of different extensions, Magento comes with built-in multilingual, multicurrency, and multisite capabilities. And unlike platforms like Shopify, you can add as many products to your Magento website without having to pay a higher fee for the privilege. Last month, we wrote an entire article comparing Magento and Shopify, if you’re keen to do a bit of extra reading. If you’d like to learn more about Magento, then please feel free to get in touch, or visit our Magento page to read about our services. We are Magento experts and can offer a range of bespoke web design and development services geared towards your business.