Our website audit checklist provides a comprehensive guide to checks to perform on your website, ensuring functionality, compatibility and correctness.

As we’ve mentioned many times as part of our seminar series on improving your website, regularly checking your website is a good habit to get in to.

This list provides a website audit checklist you can use to check your website is still functioning and is at its best to promote your business or organisation.

General website audit checklist

These items probably apply to every website.

  1. Is your telephone number correct in every location it is displayed? (Header, footer, sidebar, contact page?)
  2. Is your email address correct in every location it is displayed? (Header, footer, sidebar, contact page?)
  3. Does your website’s contact form work? Try completing it and sending a message to yourself using a different email address.
  4. Are your service/product pages up to date: do you still offer all of these?
  5. Do any links to social media profiles such as Twitter and Facebook still work? (Click them and check!)
  6. Is your website loading in a suitable time? Check this using a tool such as Pingdom’s Full Page Test, and contact your web developers if not!

Membership area log in audit checklist

If your website allows users or members to log in, this additional website audit checklist may be of use to you.

  1. Are you able to log in? (This is best checked with that doesn’t have administrator access to your website: you may wish to create a separate test account for this purpose).
  2. Can you reset your account’s password? (Again, this may be best tested with a test user account). Check that you receive an email reset password!
  3. Can you log out?

How often should I perform a website audit?

How often you perform an audit of your website is up to you, but as a minimum we would suggest a brief audit every month is a good way to keep your website functioning for your business or organisation, and can help identify issues earlier on. For smaller websites, a quarterly audit may be suitable.