Our director Richard Carter is speaking at an event during the Northern Design Festival on the topic of “where good ideas come from”. How can you use LEGO to help you solve problems?

I’m really pleased to have been asked to speak at Design Network North again, this time as part of the Northern Design Festival.

Rise & Design #72 is to be held on Friday 14th October at Loftus House, Colima Avenue, Sunderland, SR5 3XB.

Where do ideas come from?

The theme of this year’s Northern Design Festival is “where do ideas come from?”, exploring the processes from the conception of an idea to the execution of the idea, and how it evolves along the way.

How playing helps generate ideas: LEGO

I spoke earlier this year at Design Network North on the topic of the future of ecommerce. As a departure from my usual topics of ecommerce, web design and Magento, I’ll be speaking on where ideas come from in the context of LEGO bricks.

The talk will explore the process of thought and idea generation alongside LEGO, and how LEGO can be used to refresh your and change the way you think.

The event is free. (As this event has passed, we’ve removed the RSVP link!)