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It’s that time of the month again – the first Monday of the month means it’s Magento North East here in Newcastle upon Tyne, and we’re speaking!

Our lead Magento developer Richie will be talking on the topic of Magento module development – a great chance to learn some best practice, and see a real-life working Magento module from the inside.

We’re pleased to take up the speaker’s podium once more at Magento North East this month with a talk on Magento module development.

Our lead Magento developer, Richie McFarlane, will be talking tonight at Magento North East in Campus North in Newcastle upon Tyne city centre. As a seasoned Magento developer, Richie has written countless Magento modules

What to expect from our Magento module development talk

Magento is a very flexible and feature-rich ecommerce platform, but no system can do everything out of the box. Magento modules allow custom functionality that Magento doesn’t provide to be added to the store. His talk will cover:

About the Magento North East group

Magento North East is a monthly meetup for Magento designers, developers and store owners. Free to attend, emphasis is on sharing ideas and best practice for building, maintaining and running successful Magento ecommerce websites.The event runs the first Monday of each month; see the event’s Meetup.com page to stay up to date with new events.

And for those who missed Richie’s Magento module development session, you can always catch him running a Introduction to Magento development course at School of Tech.