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Shopify is one of the of leading ecommerce platforms these days, and with good reason!

UK ecommerce agency Peacock Carter look at some of the reasons we – and thousands of others – love Shopify.

If you’ve been researching ecommerce platforms for your business recently, you will almost certainly have come across Shopify.

As an established ecommerce agency, Peacock Carter love Shopify, and here’s why!

One of the world’s leading ecommerce systems, Shopify provides

1. Hassle free software updates

One of Shopify’s major benefits is that it is a hosted solution. This means you don’t need to worry about keeping your website’s software up to date, and you can focus on selling!

If you’re used to costly and disruptive software updates in other ecommerce software, this may well be a breath of fresh air for your business and worth the investment in Shopify alone.

2. Integrate your business in to Shopify

As a well-established ecommerce platform, Shopify can integrate with other aspects of your business. From accountancy packages to CRMs, Shopify is designed to help you run your business smoothly.

This means you have more time to run your business, and less time worrying about transferring your data between your ecommerce website and other tools in your business.

3. Easy Point of Sale

All of Shopify’s plans come with the ability to use their “card machine” feature which runs from an app on your smartphone. This is really handy if you also have a physical store location, or attend trade fairs or other events where you make sales.

4. Easily customisable emails

Shopify comes with a number of email templates your store can use out of the box, so you can easily customise what your customers see when they order from your store.

5. Shopify is easy-to-use

Yes, really! Merchants seem to love Shopify’s easy-to-use admin panel to manage their product catalogue and process customer orders.

So, is Shopify for you? Talk to us to find out how Peacock Carter can help with your next Shopify ecommerce project.