Web consultants at conference in the UK

A weekend in Manchester well spent at our favourite UK Magento conference: Mage Titans.

We spent this weekend gone in Manchester at Mage Titans, a conference for Magento web developers.

It doesn’t feel like a year since Mage Titans 2014, the first event, which was a blast! So, how did Mage Titans 2015 compare? Brilliantly! Saturday saw a full day of Magento talks from some of the most renowned members of the worldwide Magento community, from developers to project managers, and extension developers to Magento partner agencies.

The talks: Magento, Magento, Magento

As you might expect from a Magento conference, there was a lot of content about Magento. What was striking was the wide range of topics around Magento speakers covered, from working in an agile Magento team, best practice in Magento development, a look at improving site loading times, and even a talk on the future of Magento.

Our favourite talk this year was Ben Marks, Magento’s community manager, who spoke about the upcoming Magento 2 (expect another post on Magento 2 from us shortly!), and what to expect. Magento 2 looks fantastic, and we can’t wait to work with clients to roll it out!

Once the talks were finished, the 250 attendees found their way to the after party bar, allowing delegates a chance to talk to a huge range of Magento enthusiasts. I spent a particularly memorable hour talking to a German Magento developer and his beekeeping hobby.

Thanks once again to Jon Woodall, the people at Manchester Digital, and all who were involved in organising Mage Titans. All have once again done an excellent job at providing a space for Magento agencies, developers and themers to come together, share best practice, and make some great contacts, too. Here’s hoping 2016 sees another Mage Titans in our calendar!