Magento 2 Theme Design book - reviewed by our Magento consultant Richard Carter

Our Senior Magento consultant Richard Carter was technical reviewer on the newly released “Magento 2 Theme Design” book released by Packt Publishing.

It’s not every day that a book with your name on the cover arrives at the office, but that’s just what happened today!

A copy of the newly released Magento 2 Theme Design book by Fernando J Miguel was ready and waiting in reception this morning, featuring Richard‘s name on the cover.

Peacock Carter & the Magento 2 theme book

Packt’s recent release, Magento 2 Theme Design, provides an in-depth guide to Magento theme development for aspiring web designers and developers wanting to start working with the Magento platform. Peacock Carter’s founding director, Richard Carter, acted as the technical reviewer for Magento 2 Theme Design publication. As author of 4 books on the Magento platform to date on Magento theming, and author of the Magento 1 books the Magento 2 book was based on, Richard’s name was included on the cover of the book.

As established Magento consultants, we’ve been working with the platform since shortly after its release in 2008. In that time, we have seen the use of Magento Community and its licensed Magento Enterprise Edition become one of the leading ecommerce platforms in the world (see our Introduction to Magento 2 talk from the Design Network North event earlier this year).