Our fourth book on the Magento ecommerce platform is released.

We’re pleased to announce that our fourth book on the Magento platform, Learning Magento Theme Development, has been released.

Learning Magento Theme Development book by Richard Carter

Written by our director, Richard Carter, this is his fourth book on the Magento platform, including a book on responsive Magento theming released in December 2013, and is a step-by-step guide for other web designers and developers to building custom Magento store designs themselves.

Learning Magento Theme Development builds on our years of experience helping clients on the Magento Community and Magento Enterprise platforms realise their potential online, building recurring customers, increasing conversion rates and improving the search engine friendliness of our clients’ online stores. The chapter outline for the book is as follows:

  1. Introduction to Magento and Magento themes – an overview of the platform and themes to help ground readers in the basics of Magento; what Magento is, an overview of terminology used in the platform, and an introduction to Magento theme terminology
  2. Magento theming basics – a look at achieving simple changes to your Magento theme, and creating a new theme for your Magento store
  3. Magento templates – a guide to overwriting Magento parent templates, changing output HTML in your Magento theme
  4. Magento layout – using XML to change where blocks appear in your Magento store
  5. Social media and Magento – integration features from popular social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter in to your Magento theme
  6. Advanced Magento theming – a more in-depth look at challenging tasks in Magento theme
  7. Magento theming for mobile and tablet devices – An overview of responsive Magento theming before the days of Magento 1.9’s ‘rwd’ theme, which provided a responsive base theme for Magento by default
  8. Magento email templates – customising Magento’s default transactional email templates to match your store’s branding

You can find more information on this publication on the publisher’s website.

A note: this book is now surpassed by more recent publications; please check the publisher’s website for more details.