WordPress training courses in the UK

Peacock Carter have been training clients on WordPress for well over a decade now, but with the advent of Covid in early 2020, we’ve branched out to virtual WordPress training courses on platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

As a WordPress design agency founded in 2006, we’ve worked with clients including the University of Edinburgh, the NHS, and Women’s Aid Scotland to deliver valuable training for a wide variety of organisations, from universities and charities, to public sector and commercial clients.

We’ve translated our popular WordPress training courses for virtual learning, delivering the same high quality of courses we can be happy with. Digital and video conferencing brings its own unique challenges for training courses, including audio and video issues, and our trainers are now well versed in working around these wherever possible.

How the virtual WordPress training sessions work

Our virtual WordPress training sessions typically run for a half or full day (or for some courses, over multiple days), and are structured enough to provide all of the content you need, whilst being paced to allow you to absorb the information and skills we’re sharing. You and your team are invited to a video conferencing session (or we can use your preferred system), and our experienced trainer will guide you through the course content.

As with all of our training courses, we use a mixture of learning styles, including presenter-led learning and “learn by doing” content. We also recommend our popular WordPress workshop / Q&A format, which allows trainees the chance to try and test their newly learned knowledge with the support of a WordPress expert on hand to ask questions as they apply their learning.

Clients are welcome to “mix and match” learning modules to better suit their needs.

Available virtual WordPress courses

Our full range of WordPress courses are available to be delivered virtually, including:

  • introduction to WordPress – great for beginners and those new to using the system to manage their website(s)
  • Introduction to SEO for WordPress – ideal for those small business owners and website managers who need to know what they can to do improve their website with search engine optimisation techniques within WordPress itself
  • How to build a WordPress website – ideal if you want a helping hand to create your own WordPress website

If you would like to book a virtual WordPress course with Peacock Carter, please call us on 0191 375 5713, or email hello@peacockcarter.com.