We’ve worked with Magento since 2008, and it’s now more popular than ever. So, it’s only fitting that the North East now has its own Magento user group in Newcastle upon Tyne!

We’re proud to announce the creation of the Magento North East user group!


Peacock Carter have worked with Magento since 2008, the year it was released! 2008 was the year Obama was elected President of the United States. Since then, Magento has become an incredibly popular, and for good reason: it provides a stable, ecommerce-focused platform for developers and store owners alike. So, it’s only fitting that the North East now has its own Magento user group in Newcastle upon Tyne!

What is a Magento user group?

A user group is a community of people with a shared interest (in this group, Magento!): we help organise similar events for WordPress users and for frontend web developers, too, and they are a

The user group is open to all interested in Magento, from store owners and ecommerce managers to web designers and developers. We will accommodate this difference in knowledges by hosting 2 talks per event: one aimed towards store owners, and one at web designers/developers interested in working with Magento.

And, of course, the event is free of charge – Campus North generously provide the venue and a few beers for free, and Peacock Carter will be topping up the beers to make sure there are enough for everyone.

The first Magento event in the North East

We’ll be talking at the event on the topic of “Introduction to Magento”, aimed at getting all attendees up to speed with what Magento is, and what it can do for store owners, as well as some information for up and coming Magento developers and designers.

The second speaker is Richie McFarlane, another North East Magento developer, who will be advising developers on the common pitfalls in Magento website and module development.

And, of course, if those talks aren’t enough to draw you in, they’ll be the customary free beers from both Campus North and Peacock Carter, too! You can find out more on the event’s Meetup.com page.