Magento North East event in Newcastle upon Tyne

We’re speaking at Design Network North this February on the topic of “The Future of Ecommerce: Magento 2”, guiding a room full of designers through what’s coming in Magento 2, and what to expect in the world of ecommerce in 2016.

We’re pleased to be speaking in our native North East soon on the topic of Magento 2, the Future of Ecommerce.

As an established Magento agency, we can’t wait to share our thoughts on where we think ecommerce – and Magento – are going!

The future of ecommerce

The talk will be given by our director, Richard Carter, an established Magento consultant, and will share insight on the current ecommerce landscape worldwide, touching on Magento’s market share and how it compares with other ecommerce systems such as WordPress’ WooCommerce and Drupal Commerce.

Our 2016 ecommerce trends, in brief

The talk will then showcase Magento 2’s new features (as highlighted in-depth in this recent blog post), as well as detailing our expected trends for ecommerce in 2016:

  • More mobile sales (and not just traffic)
  • Better mobile-integrated payment gateways, to make online payments on mobile and tablet devices easier
  • More multichannel retailers selling on platforms such as eBay and Amazon, too
  • Faster delivery times, with services such as (eBay-owned) Shutl
  • Smarter marketing with services such as (for better related and upsell product matching) and MageMail (for email marketing)
  • Adoption of more localised payment gateways such as Klarna (for invoicing) and Sofort (for bank transfers; popular in Central Europe)

Design Network North is a collective of professionals from a wide spectrum of design sectors, from architecture to web design, ecommerce and software development, who meet regularly to share knowledge. Join us at February’s Design Network North Event (handily held downstairs from our studio in the Northern Design Centre!).

We look forward to seeing you on Friday 12th February at the Northern Design Centre!