Drupal 8 launch party, 2015, at the Drupal Hub

Peacock Carter joined other North East Drupal agencies at the Drupal Hub in Sunderland to celebrate the launch of Drupal 8.

What better way to celebrate a new version of Drupal than joining other Drupal developers for free cake and beer?

It’s been a busy week! Magento 2 officially launched for merchants earlier this week, and a new version of our favourite ecommerce systems is joined by a new version of one of our favourite content management platforms. Drupal North East members and North East Drupal developers from across the region met last night at the Drupal Hub in Sunderland Software Centre to celebrate the official launch of Drupal 8.

The event was one of four Drupal 8 celebration events in the UK, so many thanks to the team behind the Drupal Hub for organising (and the beer and cake, of course!).

What’s new in Drupal 8?

With a talk on what to expect from Drupal 8, and a night of discussion on Drupal, the excitement around the new version of Drupal was contagious! We saw a high level of what’s new in Drupal 8, including:

  • 200 new features in Drupal core functionality
  • Better internationalisation for websites in multiple languages – this is exciting as Drupal’s multilingual tools were among the best we’ve seen!
  • Improved accessibility tools, so that everyone can enjoy Drupal and your website

If you’d like more information on Drupal 8, there’s a talk next week at the Drupal North East user group at Campus North in Newcastle.