April 7 2015

Off t’Yorkshire for The Commerce Exchange Conference

Being ecommerce experts we like to get involved in the community and keep up to date on the latest news and innovations in the sector.

One of the events that caught our eye this year was The Commerce Exchange, being held tomorrow in the historic York.

Commerce Exchange York logo

A day of talks and mingling with some of the north (and south) of England’s finest ecommerce consultants and developers just like us, The Commerce Exchange promises to be a great day of inspiration and sharing knowledge. Run by the brains behind a monthly meetup for ecommerce businesses and developers in the city of York, they’ve extended the usual few hours in to a day-long paradise for ecommerce geeks like us.

With a line up of great speakers such as Richard Hatfield, Managing Director at Grazia Shop, we’re sure to get some valuable insight from people who run a ecommerce businesses and web design agencies day in and day out.

We hope to come back with a whole load of new know-how, friends and a lot of photos!