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What to do when a web design project goes wrong

Web design projects can go wrong with a multitude of reasons, but what do you do if your project isn’t going well? Established web design agency Peacock Carter provide advice based on over 10 years of dealing with web design project rescues.

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Apress' Introducing SEO book

Introducing SEO book

Our copy of the recently released “Introducing SEO” book arrived today – a great start to our week, as we acted as technical reviewers for the publication.

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Web event at Campus North (not Ecommerce North East!)

Proud to be organising North East Ecommerce

North East ecommerce agency Peacock Carter are proud to be the new organisers of the North East Ecommerce meetup in Newcastle upon Tyne.

We’ll be bringing our expertise in ecommerce to help store owners and ecommerce businesses learn, share and thrive.

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