5 things to improve your website today, from specialist UK web design agency Peacock Carter.

Your website is often the first point of call for customers new and old, and it’s important that you review it regularly to ensure you’re making the most of it.

This post provides 5 points you can use to start improving your website today, which may help you increase sales:

  • Make it easy to contact your business
  • s

  • Checking your website displays well on mobile and handheld devices such as the Apple iPhone
  • Ensure your Twitter and Facebook profiles are linked to
  • Check your existing website content and links
  • Google yourself

1. Make it easy to contact you through your website

There’s little more annoying than not being able to find contact details when a customer wants to buy from you or ask questions about your products or services.

Make your company’s telephone number obvious on every page(the top-right of a website tends to be a good place to put this): this can really help increase the number of queries you get from your website. It’s a good idea to make your email address equally available for this reason, and provide a contact form to save potential customers having to open their email program, too!

2. Check your website on a mobile or handheld device

In this day and age, mobile Internet usage is on the rise, and ensuring your website works on mobile and handheld devices such as iPhones, Androids and Blackberries should concern you as a business owner is important.

If you want to ensure customers receive the best possible impression of your business.

Making your website more friendly for customers on mobile phones doesn’t necessarily involve a full rebuild of your website, either: enquire about our mobile website design services for more information.

3. Link to your Twitter and Facebook accounts

Twitter and Facebook can be an excellent way to extend your relationship with customers, because people will check these platforms more often than your own website. As such, they can be a good way to keep potential customers in the loop about your products or services, or new offers you might have to intice them to buy.

Most businesses these days have Twitter and Facebook accounts but don’t use them to their full potential, so if you’d like to know more about making the most of them, consult our digital marketing services.

4. Check your website

Websites can grow old very quickly, meaning your website can become outdated easily. Try using your website, and seeing if:

  • links to files or pages on other websites still work?
  • you can easily find (within 5 seconds) information about your company and contact information?
  • your website compares to competitors’ websites: does your website look old, or out of date? We can help with website redesign if so;

Investing in your website is important to stay ahead of your competition and keep your customers happy.

5. Google your company name

Search your company’s name, and check your website is appearing at the top. Try variations of your company name, too. For example, Peacock Carter used to be called Peacock, Carter & Associates, so we would try searching for that.

It’s not just customers who search for your company name: you might find suppliers searching for your company name to check your reputation, and being at the top of Google and other search engines is a must to protect your company’s reputation online.

If your website doesn’t appear at the top of search engine listings for your company name, contact us about search engine optimisation today.

A website is a growing, living thing

If you want to succeed online, it’s important that your website is something that needs regular attention to keep it up to date and functional, and to generate enquiries for your business. If your feel your current website design agency isn’t fulfilling these need, contact us today to discuss taking your website to the next level.