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Our web design trends for 2018

by Richard Carter.

Web design agency Peacock Carter take a look at what we can expect from web design trends in 2018.

Proud to be a web design agency in the North East of England

by Richard Carter.

Peacock Carter’s Director Richard Carter is proud to be supporting North East Local Enterprise Partnership’s #LiveWorkandStay campaign to retain graduates from North East universities leaving the region once they graduate.

What is a WordPress developer?

by Richard Carter.

There are an almost unlimited number of job titles in the digital world we work in, and some are more obvious than others. So, today we answer what a WordPress developer is, and what they do.

What does a Magento developer do?

by Richard Carter.

What does a Magento developer actually do? Good question!

Here UK Magento agency Peacock Carter look at what Magento development is, and what Magento developers do.

5 reasons we love Shopify for ecommerce

by Richard Carter.

Shopify is one of the of leading ecommerce platforms these days, and with good reason!

UK ecommerce agency Peacock Carter look at some of the reasons we – and thousands of others – love Shopify.

How a WordPress SEO audit will help your website

by Richard Carter.

Considering a WordPress SEO audit to better understand your website’s behaviour in search engines?

Expert WordPress agency Peacock Carter explore how a WordPress SEO audit can help you understand and improve your business.

Improve your WordPress website today

by Richard Carter.

When was the last time you updated your WordPress website? Last week? A few months ago?

Here are tasks to change your WordPress website for the better, from the experts at Newcastle WordPress agency Peacock Carter.

Who uses Magento?

by Peter Wright.

The Magento experts at Peacock Carter take a look at who uses Magento for their ecommerce platform, and why.