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Shopify vs Magento – Which is the best ecommerce platform?

by Peter Wright.

Today, the most important decision a business can make is about what kind of online store they are going to have. This decision will affect how they reach customers, the experience customers have when they’re on their website, and it will affect the day-to-day running of their business. However, most business owners don’t have a… Read more »

The likely impact of Brexit on ecommerce

by Richard Carter.

Likely effects of Brexit on ecommerce

UK ecommerce agency Peacock Carter takes a look at the possible effects of Brexit – the departure of the UK from the European Union – on ecommerce.

Our new Magento developer

by Richard Carter.

Web design agency Peacock Carter Ltd

We’re happy to welcome Tony, our new Magento developer, to Peacock Carter. As the North East’s established Magento agency, we pride ourself on our people and their passion and talent.

How to Improve Your Company Blog

by Peter Wright.

WordPress has helped blogs become popular on corporate websites as a way of engaging your customers. Are you making these mistakes on your company blog? Let the WordPress experts at Peacock Carter guide you to improving your company blog.

Why Magento for ecommerce?

by Richard Carter.

Magento 2 demo screenshot

There are many ecommerce platforms out there, but Magento is one you’ve probably come across many times. The question on merchant’s tongues is why Magento for ecommerce?

The Magento experts at Peacock Carter guide you through why Magento is a great platform for building an ecommerce website – and business.