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How to Protect Your Magento Website from Being Hacked

by Peter Wright.

One thing all ecommerce managers worry about is hacking. Hackers pose a huge potential danger to your website, as well as to your brand. And once trust in your brand is gone, it can be impossible to get back. As Magento is the most popular platform for ecommerce sites (over 250,000 retailers use the platform),… Read more »

Why Magento for ecommerce?

by Richard Carter.

Magento 2 demo screenshot

There are many ecommerce platforms out there, but Magento is one you’ve probably come across many times. The question on merchant’s tongues is why Magento for ecommerce?

The Magento experts at Peacock Carter guide you through why Magento is a great platform for building an ecommerce website – and business.

What to do when a web design project goes wrong

by Richard Carter.

Web design projects

Web design projects can go wrong with a multitude of reasons, but what do you do if your project isn’t going well? Established web design agency Peacock Carter provide advice based on over 10 years of dealing with web design project rescues.

Magento 1 DIY book

by Erika Sykes.

Magento 1 DIY book

The Magento experts at Peacock Carter acted as technical reviewers for the newly released Magento 1 DIY book by Viktor Khliupko.